Unlock & Debrand Samsung Galaxy S I9000 , Galaxy Apollo i5800, Galaxy Europa i5500

by post: Unlock your phone by sending it to us by post
What we require from you: Phone with battery ,
Delivery time: 1-2 working days or wait you while in shop (approx 30-45mins)

Eg. Sony Ericsson W995

Support Models: Samsung Galaxy S I9000 , Galaxy Apollo i5800, Galaxy Europa i5500 If you have specific ROM you want to install, pls put a note in the order later.

What is Debrand ?

Debrand - It is also known as "unbrand" or "decustomise" (DEBRAND WILL NOT UNLOCK YOUR MOBILE)

Debrand means - Decustomise branding such as service provider startup, menu, WAP, GPRS or MMS setting in the phone software.

General benefits:

  • All branding removed (no more customised startup)
  • Phone is more stable (as the branded firmware only tests with their own network (Eg, Vodafone branded firmware doesn't care if the branded phone software will work well if the customer unlocked it and use it on other networks. It's fairly common that people find branded phone crashes more often once they use it on another network. For generic firmware, it tested extensively by sony on different networks before it releases)
  • Removed MMS / WAP / GPRS setting restriction - input whatever setting you want
  • Decustomise the button(s) on keypad which normally bring you to the service provider web
  • Faster menu
  • We will also upgrade your software to the latest current version during the debranding
  • More memory - no crap

Additional benefits:

(a) Vodafone: Vodafone live

  • Remove MP3 ringtone restriction - No more need for DRM (Download and use whatever MP3 ringtones you like)

(b) Orange - Orange World

  • Remove the orange shortcut bar on the left side of the menu - Full screen wall paper
  • Enable the RSS FEED which orange software disabled

(c) Three

  • Remove THREE startup logo or other WAP / GPRS settings
  • Enable the 2G (GSM) / 3G (Dual mode) selection function


Samsung I9000 Home menu (Orange vs Generic firmware)


Samsung I9000 Main Menu (Orange vs Generic firmware)


more info:


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