Samsung Unlock by post

by post: Unlock your phone by sending it to us by post
What we require from you: Phone with battery ,
Delivery time: Same working day

To remove the service provider branding Eg. Startup logo etc

To change the phone language

Support Models: i9000 S3650 i897 T595 S5230 S3370 B270i, B7320, C6620, C6625, D900E, E200E, E1080, E1085, E1100T, E1105T, E2120, i200, i637, i900, i8510, i8910, M2310, M2710, M7600, S3110, S5050, S5200, S5233 S5600V, T119, T349 C300 F300 Z720 U600 U700 U700v, U900, C170, M300, X550 D840, G600, G800, J700 X820 X830 E590, P906, S730i, U300, X836, Z Series Z100 Z105 Z110 Z130 Z140 Z150 Z170 Z107 (orange) Z300 Z320 Z500 Z500v Z510 Z540 Z700 ZV10 ZV30 ZX10 Z107 (Orange) Z140 Z140v Z400 Z400v ZV40 ZV50 Z150 Z230 Z540 Z560 D Series D100 D307 D347 D357 D407 D410 D415 D428 D488 D500 D510 D520 D550 D600 D600e D710 D720 D730 D800 D820 D900 D900i E Series E100 E105 E217 E300 E315 E316 E317 E318 E320 E330 E335 E340 E350 E360 E370 E400 E418 E530 E560 E590 E600 E610 E620 E630 E635 E640 E650 E700 E715 E720 E730 E740 E750 E760 E770 E800 E810 E820 E850 E860 E870 E900 E910 X Series X100 X105 X120 X138 X140 X150 X156 X200 X300 X400 X426 X427 X430 X450 X460 X466 X475 X478 X480 X490 X495 X497 X507 X600 X610 X620 X630 X636 Z640 X660 X670 X700 X770 X800 X900 X650 I Series I300 I505 I700 N Series N700 N710 Q Series Q100, Q105,Q200, Q300, Q400 Q605 Q400, Q605 P Series P100 P200 P300 P400 P500 P518 P705 P710 P720 P730 P735 P738 P777 P850 P910 P920 S Series S100 S105 S108 S200 S208 S300 S300m S308 T Series T809 Other Series V100 V200 V205 V208 T100, T108, T208 T400, T408, T410, T500, T508 R200, R201, R208, R210, R220, R225 N200, N288, N300, N400, N500 N600, N611, N625, N628 A100, A300, A400,A500 M100


Q: What things do I send to you together the phone ?

A: I only need the phone, battery and the return address. Please remove the sim / memory card or other accessories.

Q: What is Debrand ? what's the benefit to phone ?

Debrand means - Decustomise branding such as service provider startup, menu, WAP, GPRS or MMS setting in the phone software.

General benefits:

  • All branding removed (no more customised startup)
  • Removed MMS / WAP / GPRS setting restriction - input whatever setting you want
  • Decustomise the button(s) on keypad which normally bring you to the service provider web
  • Faster menu
  • We will also upgrade your software to the latest current version during the debranding
  • More memory - no crap

Additional benefits:

(a) Vodafone: Vodafone live

  • Remove MP3 ringtone restriction - No more need for DRM (Download and use whatever MP3 ringtones you like)

(b) Orange - Orange World

  • Remove the orange shortcut bar on the left side of the menu - Full screen wall paper
  • Enable the RSS FEED which orange software disabled

(c) Three

  • Remove THREE startup logo or other WAP / GPRS settings
  • Enable the 2G (GSM) / 3G (Dual mode) selection function

Q: Any example about debranding ?

Click here to Samsung Debrand Page


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