Sony Ericsson X10 (X10i) unlock code reader software

software: Unlock your phone at home by connecting your phone to our unlock software using cable.
What you require: Datacable , Computer with window XP or Vista
Delivery time: 1 - 12 hours

Support Models: Sony Ericsson x10,x10i

Some Xperia X10 may have used up all 5 times attempts to unlock the phone and the code counter is blocked. Ie you can't unlock the phone by code even you have the right code. 

Here is how to check the code counter left on the phone. 


  1. Power on the phone.
  2. Press menu < < menu < menu menu < 
  3. Then you can check the counter [0 or 5]. 
  4. If it says 0 then you cannot enter codes.


here is the youtube link YouTube - How to check Sony Ericsson how many attempts left , Unlock Sony Ericsson X10

If that is case, the only way to unlock the phone is by software where it removes the sim lock with the software and datacable.

What you require to unlock your phone at home?

1. WinXP / Vista 32bits / window 7 32bit Computer 
2. The datacable which comes with the phone
3. Internet connection

This D.I.Y. unlock package includes:

(1) A UserID and Password to access to our server to unlock ONE Sony Ericsson phone. Please note it is a FULL unlock software so phone will NOT be locked again after debranding / software update etc.

(2) 3 pages print screen step by step instructions on how to UNLOCK your phones ( most of them are just screen shot and so far 100% success and even my non IT customer can manage it. 

Q: Can I get a refund  if I find the software very complicated or doesn't work to me ?

YES, as long as you didn't use the credits, we will give you a refund if you think the software doesn't work or even if you think it's too difficult to you.

Q: What if the software messed up my phone or I do wrong step ?

I can assure you no phone has been messed up because all operation can be redo even if you did it anything wrong before. Even worse comes to worst, you are happy to fix it for you for no extra cost even it is your mistake

Support :

If you have any problem in using our software,

Email:  / UK telephone: +44-7788996001 or even you can bring the phone into shop, I can show you how to unlock it here.



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