SeTool Credits x 30

software: Unlock your phone at home by connecting your phone to our unlock software using cable.
What you require: SeTool dongle ,
Delivery time: 1 to 12 hours

top up only available to accounts bought from us before.

Support Models: Setool Credits - Use it with Setool software (only for people who got Setool USB Dongle)

SEtool Credits x 30

Why buy from us?

We are the official resellers for setool credits. We provide after sales support to customer (but still you also have to do your homework in reading the instructions / guides)

How to use setool ?

As setool doesn't have good documents for that, I suggest whatever model you want to unlock, do a search on setool forum Eg. "how to unlock Zylo" etc ? This is how I learned or if you are really new to setool and have no idea at all.

I recommend this link if you want to learn some basic here

or type setool in

How long will I receive the credit information ?

If it is in our working hours (ie 11am - 7pm), you should receive the information in 5mins - 1 hr. If not, MSN me at or click the Live Support (only if you see ONLINE).


What is top up to existing account?

If you bought account from us before, we can add the credit (ie 30 credits) to those existing account instead of creating a new account. It's only available to customers who bought the account form us before.


How to activate my SEtool card in order to use v1.02 or any version after ?

Currently, if you have an activated SETOOL box, you can use Setool on any version up to v1.01, but if you want to use software V1.02 or after & access to the support server to download the firmware files. You will have to spend 20 credits for the software license.  Here is the instruction how you activate the new SEtool software

Credits Consumption on different operation? & Can I change the password -> Yes, follow this link

Also, after you input the username and password, Click INFO, it should give you the information on your remaining credits and also the latest credit consumption status on different models.

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