Would unlock affect the phone software ?

Subject: Unlocking sony ericsson C902

Hi, I am just wondering When u unlock Sony ericsson c902 from T-mobile, does it affect my phone by any chance because when I had my Sony ericsson k850i after it was very slow and it had a lot of bugs. 
Thank you.

Thanks for your email
Unlock won't affect the software. It only makes your phone working on another networks.
The reason why the k850i work very slow and had lots of bug after the unlock. I think it's becayse the t-mobile branded software didn't work well on the new network sim you used. The branded software normally only test well on their own network, but not the other networks. This problem is especially obvious in orange as they have many branding / customised shortcut dedicated to orange only. That's why we also offer the debrand service for those people who has problem with the network branded software. We will put the latest generic firmware (which SE normally tests extensively on different network sim)


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