staying overnight for a HTC Desire HD (aria)

It was quite a day to work for nearly 15 hrs straight for two phones unlock, debrand & language change.

The reason for that is the HTC desire HD from orange UK comes with a new 1.72 ROM, so in order be able to unlock / debrand it, I need to downgrade it via GOLDCARD which is quite a pain. Then after I have done everything, I need to upgrade it back. Then I found out the signal was very weak, so I tried many different firmware and till I found out in the end, it's nothing to do with the firmware, RADIO or software. The weak signal problem is because I didn't put the bottom cover back to the phone as the signal amplifier is attached to the battery cover. If you remove it, you can still use the phone, but the signal will be very weak without it. I feel being idiot for spending 5hrs on it, but in a good way, it allows me to try and see different firmware. 

One thing I do notice is a lot of custom rom/ firmware do run much faster the official ROM which I am quite suprised how much people can do even they are not working in HTC. Most of the custom rom are not made / cooked by one person. It's always says, one people do the theme, some did the rom or the flasher / loader. Then in the end, we have what they called the chef to take everything together and make a custom ROM. It's really a work from many people where most of them do it for FREEEE.

Anyway, time to head off for lunch & post office to send the phones back.


HTC Desire orginal ROM vs cyanogenmod ROM 

The main difference I found is the langauge pack in CyanogenMod is a lot more than the original desire ROM

similar to HTC Desire HD, cyanogenmod ROM has more language pack available


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