Sony Ericsson PDA phone debranding (unbranding) on Orange / Vodafone / 3 UK

Sony Ericsson Satio (Orange UK) vs (Generic)(debranded)

Sony Ericsson Satio (Standby Comparison)

 Sony Ericsson Satio (Main menu Comparison)

what other advantages of generic firmware over branded one ?

1. Faster Speed (Hereis the youtube video I made)

2. Nicer menu (just my personal opinion)
3. Phone is more stable epecially if you are not using it on orange network (because orange / branded firmware only tested on their OWN NETWORK, they don't care if it is working well on other networks. With generic firmware, it is sold over to different countries & different networks, so they are normally tested extensively by sony ericsson.
4. You always have the latest firmware whenever available. By changing the phone software to generic, everytime you update the phone, SE update service will see it as a GENERIC SE SATIO instead of Orange Satio.


The generic firmware is AWLAYS the first to have the update available). Each time Sony has an update, they will first make generic one first, then they will ask each different network providers if they also want the new update firmware, BUT with their own network "BRANDED firmware" ? If the network providers agree to "PAY $$$" Sony Ericsson to make it. You will have a new firmware (BRANDED) one available after a few weeks. However, if the network provider don't think the update is necessary and don't pay it, then you won't have the update in your branded SE phone. Therefore, I high recommend you remove the ORANGE firmware and install the GENERIC firmware espceially if you discover the following problem : "PHONE VERY SLOW or EVEN FREEZE , RESTART WITHOUT REASON"


Unlock / debrand sony ericsson p990 p990i london

Below is one example of how the phone looks like after it was debranded, it was branded with Vodafone before, the unlock and debrand service apply also on other networks like Orange, 3, O2, T-Mobile etc..

P990i - vodafone branded P990i with generic R5A firmware

Advantages of debranding vodafone Sony ericsson P990i

  1. Not just M600i, but the P990i (especially from orange) "FREEZE" a lot when it's with the oldest firmware, with debranding, I will upgrade the software to the latest software version which so far again, customers said to me they hardly have "freezing" problem and phone is definitely running faster than before
  2. Vodafone Branding Removed, now phone will be SIM FREE without Vodafone branding
  3. Removed Vodafone Live, Vodafone Menus, Icons and StartUp Logo Removed
  4. Unlocked and Uncapped MMS Settings, WAP Settings and Browser Settings - (all vodafone customised settings are REMOVED and you can now input whatever new settings you want)
  5. faster Browse Menus (because the software upgraded)
  6. Battery Life now is Optimized (shorter time to standy mode)
  7. Progess bar will be shown in the startup

Available language pack: Euro & Chinese

CDA number will be changed so that you will be able to update your firmware via SEUS in future.

Advantages of debranding orange Sony ericsson P990i

Advantages of debranding orange Sony ericsson P990i


 Unlock / debrand sony ericsson W950 W950i london

Below is an example of how the phone looks like after debranded, it was branded by Orange before, the unlock and debrand service apply also on other networks like Vodafone, 3, O2, T-Mobile etc..


W950i (orange branded) W950i (debranded) with generic firmware

Compare the W950i (Three, UK) with W950i generic firmware

W950i with Three software (startup logo) W950i (debranded with generic firmware)

W950i Three (Mobile network disabled) W950i generic (2G / 3G selection enabled)

For Three (3) UK software, it's typical they removed the networks selection menu in their firmware. Basically, Three wants to keep you in the 3G only, but not GSM (2G). Why? it's because THREE - GSM / 2G network is provided by O2, so every call minute you used in the 2G network, THREE needs to pay money to O2.

so why THREE needs O2 or 2G networks?

THREE doesn't want to invest money to build up 2G networks as they think 3G is the future, however, at the moment, 3G network is still very badly covered, so there are still A LOT OF PLACES IN UK not covered by 3G, as you might always hear "THREE is crap and I don't get the signal", so it's necessary for THREE to borrow the 2G/GSM network in areas which is not covered by THREE (3G).

Personally, I keep my phone in 2g/GSM mode most of the time instead of 3G. why?

(1) A lot better network coverage/ signal by O2, I don't fancy video call / fast video download & I can always switch back to 3G if I want.

(2) Battery lasts at least 30-40% longer in 2G mode. (yes, at least 30%). Ask any friends who use 3G, it's a big energy eater.

(3) I love THREE spending money to O2 for every minute I call.

Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910, P910i

Orange Sony Ericsson P910idebrand sony ericsson P910i

Before Debrand (Orange P910i) VS after Debrand (Original P910i - R4A)

Advantages to debrand Sony Ericsson P800, P900 & P910

1. Remove Wap and MMS default settings made by service providers! so that you can use the wap / GPRS from any service providers.

2. Firmware upgrade - We will upgrade your firmware too while we debrand your phone, so it made your phone works faster and less bugs with the upgrade firmware and with a better battery life!!

Moreover, some customer said to me they are RESTRICTED to upgrade their firmware via SE web until the phone was debranded by us! so my guarantee here is you can still upgrade your firmware via SE web after the debranding!! even it wasn't possible before and you will NOT be locked or branded with customised setup again.

Lastest firmware on SE web: Phone SW R5A and PDA R4

3. No shortcut - You will not take to the service provider web site anymore! by wrongly hit the shortcut key on the keypad

4. More memory - since the customised icons and themes took some space!

5. Better outlooking & easier to sell - People prefer to buy a clean phone!! and look at the awful vodafone icons. It made the phone less attractive to be sold!

However, from my experience, it seems customers are really annoyed by the vodafone startup logo & the wap limitation.

Personally, I reckon these PDA phones are the most challenging phone to be debranded!! It's because normal SE phone only combined with 2 flash files (Phone Software + Language pack). However, for P800, P910 & P910i, it's combined with 5 files (Phone Software, Bluetooth file, PDA 1, PDA 2 & PDA 3).. There are a lot of knowledge involved for a sucessfully debranding.

Moreover, there is no remote unlock software supporting these PDA phones and as far as I know, we are the only one who can promise customer to finish the debranding in 30mins while they wait!!


  • Fix the phone "crash & freeze" problem - orange should fire his programmer for the bad job they did on the orange p990i phone software
  • Remove the shortcut bars on the left side of the screen
  • Remove the startup, WAP , GPRS settings
  • Orange icons will be changed back to generic
  • Enable the RSS FEED function
  • Phone works at least 10-20% faster and I have made a test on both orange branding & generic P990i startup speed. It took 8 seconds less to the main screen in generic firmware than the orange branded
  • Remove the shortcut bar on the left side of the screen
  • CDA changed, so you can update firmware by yourself at home in future


can you still update firmware

can you still update firmware via SE update service after debranding ?

yes, you can

yes, you can

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