Sony Ericsson debranding example on K800i W850i (Orange UK), D750i (T-mobile), K750i & W800i

 (1) Debrand Sony Ericsson  K800i   

Notes: Debrand is also known as Unbrand or Decustomise

Below is one example for how the phone looks like before & after vodafone branding removed. Please notice you can also debrand the  branding from Orange, 3, O2, T-Mobile etc.

Advantages of debranding on Vodafone Sony ericsson K800i

  1. Vodafone Branding Removed, now phone will be without Vodafone branding
  2. Removed Vodafone Live, Vodafone Menus, Icons and StartUp Logo Removed
  3. Unlocked and Uncapped MMS Settings, WAP Settings and Browser Settings
  4. faster Browse Menus
  5. Battery Life now is Optimized (shorter time to standy mode)
  6. Play any MP3 files without any restriction, MP3 totally uncapped NOW
  7. Play any MP4 files without any restriction, MP4 totally uncapped NOW
  8. Standby crash fixed / improved
  9. Increased call and Media Player volume.

For THREE K800i, the GSM (2G) mode was disabled to stop you from using their 2g networks (O2). However, with generic K800i firmware, the 2G / 3G mode selection is enabled.

What is the advantages?

It allows you to use the phone in 2G (O2) which consume much less power than 3g and you can use the O2 networks instead if your area has a better coverage in O2.

Can we do the language change on K800i also ?

Yes, we do all different language pack for K800i, eg. Chinese, German, Italian, Arabic etc... contact us for more information

(2) Debrand Sony Ericsson w850i 

Below is one example for Orange, the unlock and debrand service apply also on other networks like Vodafone, 3, O2, T-Mobile etc..

w850i_generic_firmware w850 orange software

               Generic sony ericsson W850i                Orange branded Sony Ericsson W850i

For Sony Ericsson w850i in UK, they are all with orange together with LOTS of orange branding in it such as STARTUP, Customized ORANGE MENU, Customized WAP shortcut taking you to Orange world.

Please see the advantages below if it's with generic w850i firmware

  1. Orange Branding Removed, now phone will be SIM FREE without Orange branding
  2. Removed Orange World , Orange Menus, Icons and Startup Logo Removed - I wish you will agree the menu is much nice (See the pictures above)
  3. Unlocked and Uncapped MMS Settings, WAP Settings and Browser Settings
  4. Browse Menus Faster Speed (since our firmware is always more updated)
  5. Now is possible to select between GSM and GSM/3G Networks?(THREE - UK, disabled this function in their firmware to stop you from using their 2g network (2g)
  6. Battery Life now optimized

 Language Pack - Europe / Chinese -  other available on request

(3) Debrand Sony Ericsson D750i / K750i to W800i 


 K750i with W800i firmware R1A

D750i with K750i R1L002 firmware & K750i with W800i R1AA firmware


Honestly, I will say K750/ K750i and W800 / W800i are very similar to each other.

There are only two things I notice the difference

(a) The Media Player icons changed to "W" (Walkman) and it has more choice like to sort out the play list by "Artist","playlist" or simply by Tracks

(b) In the startup menu, you can choose "Start Phone" or "Music Only". If you choose Music Only, it will be equal to FLIGHT MODE which the "Phone" fuction is off...only to play Music.

I think this function is useful when user is in Tube (Underground) where it's a waste of battery trying to get SIGNAL and sure sometimes, we just want to listen to music and not distrub by phone calls.


Hallo I would like You ask

I would like You ask what languages is possible to set in sony ericson spiro
Thank You

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