Samsung D900i IMEI becomes 000000 (all zero) / wiped out

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hi can i just ask a question eby1 hu reads dis can u plz help me coz my sgh e900(bofj1)i cant unlock it or flash it if u no the code plz email me oh yeh 1 more thing my camera is not working it goes all funny and turns green and black help me if u no enythind remember 2 email me.



with samsung, for some reasons, they always make the 1st release version to have the standard unlock code.

However, with the version afterward, you won't be able to use those standard code and also, in a worser case, if u try the wrong code a few more times (phone would give u a "PHONE FREEZE" message. Then they will no longer take any sim. I fixed many Z500v like that, so if u tried one time on those standard code, no luck, then so be it and don't mess around with the phone. Also, some code on the internet are a bit doggy. Like a samsung G600 phone unlock code on internet which can result a change of imei to 000000000, so then you will see a "limited service message" because network provider block the abnormal imei. Again, I fixed a few phones like that because customers used those code on internet.

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Normally, each samsung phone has their unique code based on the imei

with the camera's a headaches on samsung, I see many of them having different faults on camera, screen etc/// most of them are due to the ribbon cable between the screen and motherboard which in the end, I need to replace them with a new ribbon cable (cable is cheap, u can even get it from ebay for £2-£3, but it takes time to take out the whole phone apart and the ribbon cable is always in tricky position, so it takes time to replace it.

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Hi, Received pink D900i today

Received pink D900i today and in full working order.
Many thanks for your service and will certainly recommend you.

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