Remove 3g USB modem / dongle default internet connection software (debranding)

After you unlock your 3g modem and use it on new network, you may not need the original internet connection software because the new network settings won't work on it. Here is an example, I got a O2 E160 Huwaei 3g modem which has a O2 internet connection software pre-installed. Everytime I plug in the modem, it installs the O2 software, but the trouble is I am using Orange UK sim card and the O2 connection manager won't work with it. I use it with Huawei Mobile Partner Software.

Is there any way we can remove the O2 connection software and put the generic Huwaei connection manager in there ? YES, you can.


Bascially, you need to erase all O2 / 3 / t-mobile/ Orange / whatever network provider default firmware in your USB dongle and install it with the generic huawei firmware. Before you decide to remove the firmware, please notice there is always a risk in damaging your dongle. However, if you do these 3 things I mentioned, it will mininise the risk (at least I didn't kill any myself)

(A) Restart the computer and only run the dashboard program
(B) DO NOT INTERRUPT the program while it's doing the job.
(C) Make sure you flash with the right dashboard program (Eg, if you have E160 dongle, flash it with E160 dashboard software ONLY)

If you understand the above, you can proceed to next step

Step 1: Download the generic huawei firmware

Here I have a E160 generic dashboard firmware (E160_Dashboard_WIN_UTPS11.

Download here

Step 2: Run .exe file

Accept the agreement and press NEXT

The program will detect the dongle details (I am using a O2 E160 USB dongle as example)

Very important, you read again the warning - ie. JUST DON'T INTERUPT IT ONCE YOU PRESS START

The whole process takes about 2-3 mintues and you shall see the message above.

Press finish and it's done and you can see now, it shows as mobile partner (generic connection manager) where you can use any WAP (internet settings) you want.

I will try to upload more dashboard files for different modem to the web and if you want to use this tutorial or want to forward to somewhere, feel free to do it. (please do mention it's from king mobile as I write this word by word myself)

Feel free to comment or if I miss anyting, please do let me know



I have been trying to solve

I have been trying to solve this problem with my unlocked O2 E160 for about 4 days. Your guide saw it solved in less than 5 minutes; it was very easy to follow.

I am extremely grateful to you

Keith Walters

My modem have no model, have

My modem have no model, have only imei so what should i do?

thank you very much i hope it

thank you very much i hope it work on my moderm so dat i have parthner on it..thanks very much

how do i unlock vodafone

how do i unlock vodafone k3565 modem

yes, u can omeed

yes, u can omeed

I appreciate the detail

I appreciate the detail explanation of the debranding. But I am using an E160 USB dongle with MTN firmware. Can I follow the same procedure from Kingmobilephone to debrand my dongle?

Fantastically helpful site,

Fantastically helpful site, thx very much. Even advised me that the dongle I was looking to unlock was almost certainly not locked thereby doing himself out of a sale - very genuine and deserves a lot of credit.

mint. cheers. easy to follow.

mint. cheers. easy to follow. plain and simple. its saved me a lot of time

Ben I appreciate your

Ben I appreciate your website. I am very happy to see it. Because you have given very easy clues for learners or new person.


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