Orange Monte Carlos vs ZTE Skate firmware (rom) reviews

Here we have two Orange Monte Carlos from Orange UK. The one on the left has the original Orange UK Monte Carlos firmware with Android 2.3.4 rom. The one on the right has the orange UK software removed and had the ZTE SKATE firmware with Android 2.3.5 rom installed. (ie we got it debanded). What does debrand means ?


Debrand - It is also known as "unbrand" or "decustomise"

Debrand means - Decustomise or delete the customised branding such as service provider startup logo, menu, WAP, GPRS or MMS setting in the phone software.

General benefits:

  • All branding removed (no more customised startup)
  • Phone is more stable (as the branded firmware only tests with their own network (Eg,Orange branded firmware doesn't care if the branded phone software will work well if the customer unlocked it and use it on other networks. It's fairly common that people find branded phones crash more often once they use it on another network. For generic firmware, it tested extensively by sony on different networks before it releases)
  • Removed MMS / WAP / GPRS setting restriction - input whatever setting you want
  • Decustomise the button(s) on keypad which normally bring you to the service provider website
  • Faster menu
  • We will also upgrade your software to the latest current version during the debranding
  • More memory - no crap

Additional benefits:

(b) Orange UK

  • Remove the orange shortcuts and Orange apps (applications)  - save more memory and cleaner


In summary, the speed performance between two firmware is minimal, where the major difference is down to branding (eg. home screen or orange apps etc). The generic ZTE SKATE is much cleaner as you see from the pictures I took before. I think if you stay with Orange UK, then may be it's better you keep the Orange Monte Carlos software as the shortcut or apps could have some use to you. However, if you will use the phonen on other networks, it's better to have the original ZTE SKATE firmware, so your phone memory or screen won't be occupied by the orange stuffs you don't use.


(2) DEFAULT HOME SCREEN - ZTE SKATE has a cleaner home screen

(3) APPLICATIONS (APPS) - all orange UK apps deleted and has a "home screen shortcut at the bottom of screen"

(4) LANGUAGE PACKS - more less the same (ZTE SKATE has a extra pack - Bahasa Melayu)

(5) SPEED - we test the benchmark using Quadrant Standard Edition from Aurora. Result is 958 (Orange Monte Carlos) vs 928 (ZTE SAKTE). Surprising Monte Carlos UK has a higher score (ie faster) than ZTE SKATE (original firmware). One more interesting fact is that it says both Monte Carlo & ZTE SKATE is faster than Samsung Galaxy S & HTC Desire. Those 2 phones I mentioned has a faster CPU and more RAM, so I doubt about the result here is correct.

This time, we use AnTuTu Benchmark software. Both ZTE SKATE and monte carlo has a similar result (1430 vs 1452). ZTE SKATE scores higher this time. However, when you compare it aganist other phones, you see ZTE SKATE and Monte Carlo slower than other phones like SE X10, Galaxy S which I believe the result is more realistic compared to Quadrant benchmark software I used before.


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