O2 I9000 can't connect to O2


Signal bars show, but no o2 or o2 uk etc as there is on my old phone and have tried other sim cards and still nothing. When i go into settings, wireless and network then into mobile networks it searches for available networks and o2 comes up with others but when you try to select one it searches for a bit then says cannot connect to network try later. Could it be a setting not right? I did buy get it second hand could it be blocked by network, contract or manufactuter somehow?




Sorry for late reply as I was in hospital with my new born baby boy for the last few days.
I am afraid it sounds to me your phone is blocked. I suggest you get the IMEI of the phone (press * # 06 # ) or it's on the box or the back of the phone. Call O2 and ask why the phone with this IMEI can't be connected to O2 and they shall be able to tell you what happened? 
The only person who can "unblock" it is the original owner. If you are really the unfortunate not being able to contact him / her, I suggest you send the phone aboard to friend / family outside UK cos it works anywhere in the world just not the UK



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