Nokia - How to check or restore code counter


Q1: I have tried wrong unlock code before or I bought it 2nd hand, so I do not know if previous owner has tried any unlock code ?

A: With Nokia BB5, you only got 3 chances to input the unlock code, so your phone SHOULD NOT HAVE wrong codes input more than 2 times before, otherwise, it won't allow you to enter the unlock code even it is the correct one, the phone will show a message ' NOT ALLOWED' (see below software to check). If this is the case, we cannot refund the money as we have already input time , effort and money to get the code.

If you bought the phone from someone else 2nd hand and you are not sure if wrong code has been input before, please use the software below to check the unlock counter status:

Software You can test the unlock code input count by the following software :

1. Download and install the software
2. Install Nokia PC suite and connect your phone with the USB cable to computer with the sim card in the phone
3. You should then choose "PC SUITE" on your phone screen (VERY IMPORTANT)
4.Open the NSS software
5.On the top right corner - Click (SEARCH FOR NEW DEVICE)

Video Tutorial

5.Then Click "SECURITY" button
6.Click READ box


Normally, the key code count should be "0" if no one has tried to input unlock code before , but if the key code count read "3", it means someone has already tried the unlock code 3 times, then it means you will not be able to input anymore unlock code.

If that is the case, you can use our unlock counter restore service to restore the code counter back to 0 so that you can use the unlock code.



My mobile is n96 and it is

My mobile is n96 and it is locked to tmobile uk. i bought it 2nd hand. so how can i unlock this phone.

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