Motorola V3x debrand Review

Debrand Motorola V3x

Here is a small review I have done today with a THREE V3x and a DEBRANDED V3x

Left is a THREE V3x (software version V83) vs RIGHT is the debranded V3x (software version V97)

Menu: V3x Three VS debranded V3x


I will not comment which menu looks better, I let you decide. However, I found the way they arrange the icons are very difference.



WAP / GPRS / MMS settings / Profile

Three WAP / MMS Settings were removed from debranded firmware


DUAL Mode (GSM 900 / 1800) was enabled in the debranded firmware

GSM 900 / 1800 in a THREE SIM

What will happen if we choose GSM 900/ 1800 in the network band ?

- It will turn into O2-UK networks.


- It's because THREE borrows their 2g (GSM 900 / 1800) networks from O2, so if you choose 2g (GSM 900 / 1800), it will bring you to O2-UK instead.

Why three disables this function?

- It's because THREE will need to pay O2 for the talk time you used in the 2G networks

What benefits to you for using GSM 900 / 1800?

- 1. Better coverage in some area (In some area, O2 does have a better coverage than THREE, so obviously, you can choose to use THREE / O2 in the debranded / Generic V3x software)

- 2. Better battery life (3g signal does consume more power than the 2g, by staying in the 2g signal means consuming less power and hence, a better battery life)

Moreover, with the firmware we used, it's always the latest, so I will upgrade the software / firmware inside the phone while I do the debranding. It means your phone will run faster with less software bugs.

I would also like to compare the picture / video quality when I have more time, but I will think the debranded version will give better result because of the more updated software inside.


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