Motorola debrand example on V6 Orange UK, E1000 (3 UK), L7 T-mobile & V360 (Orange UK)

Debrand - It is also known as "unbrand" or "decustomise"

Debrand means - Decustomise branding such as service provider startup, menu, WAP, GPRS or MMS setting in the phone software.

General benefits:

  • All branding removed (no more customised startup)
  • Removed MMS / WAP / GPRS setting restriction - input whatever setting you want
  • Decustomise the button(s) on keypad which normally bring you to the service provider web
  • Faster menu
  • We will also upgrade your software to the latest current version during the debranding
  • More memory - no crap

Additional benefits:

(a) Vodafone: Vodafone live

  • Remove MP3 ringtone restriction - No more need for DRM (Download and use whatever MP3 ringtones you like)

(b) Orange - Orange World

  • Remove the orange shortcut bar on the left side of the menu - Full screen wall paper
  • Enable the RSS FEED which orange software disabled

(c) Three

  • Remove THREE startup logo or other WAP / GPRS settings
  • Enable the 2G (GSM) / 3G (Dual mode) selection function


Orange Motorola V6 vs Generic (debranded) Motorola V6

Generic Motorola v6 menu - orange default WAP / MMS settings removed, input whatever new settings

Motorola L7

Motorola e1000 with 3 BRANDING VS unlocked & debranded Motorola e1000

Motorola e1000 with 3 menu VS unlocked & debranded Motorola e1000

Input whatever new WAP / GPRS /MMS settings you want after the debrand

Motorola v360




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