HTC Wildfire (Generic firmware vs 3 UK firmware)

HTC Wildfire is one of the most popular android phone here in UK and as you expect, 3UK put a lof of their branding stuffs in it. Eg, a 3 UK logo on backcover, 3 UK shortcuts or 3 UK startup screen. Not to consider the fact that the shortcuts have no use to you if you are using it on another networks, but some functions or options in the 3UK firmware are deleted / restriction which actually could be useful. 

1) Appearance -> all 3 stuffs removed



2. 2G network only function is disabled in 3UK firmware 

Why you need the 2G only function ? because phone talk/standy time is at least 20% longer under 2G because 3G consumes much more power, so if say you only use the phone for phone calls / text, it's better to run it on 2G mode.



3) Extra language pack in original firmware -> by default in 3UK firmware, you only got a few where in generic, you got big variety of choices.



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