How to increase Sony Ericsson talking / standby time ?

Three network sim in unlocked o2 phone, which still has o2 software is draining battery on k850.

is the 3 sim card trying to do something and wearing down the battery because 3 use a different network.

I have tried a o2 sim in the phone and the battery life is fine.

also i have my 3 sim in an unlocked vodafone K800 and the battery is fine.

anybody any ideals



Answer by ben in King Mobile Phone

In some area with bad cover of 3g signal, yes, I guess the battery would drain really quick ....considering

 1) phone made extra power in order to get signal in weak coverage area   (main reason_

2) 3G is bad energy eater compared to 2g  

if u have 1) & 2) ...then battery won't last long..

and yes, like what Pete said, run the phone in GSM (2g) mode....1) 2g has a better coverage  and 2) less powerful consuming

if 1) and 2) no good, and battery is ok,

or also, as again, pete said already, debrand or upgrade the software the new firmware will optimise the power usage..

like my k700i I had a long time ago, after I upgraded the firmware, it increases at least 20-30% battery life.. , and actually, I notice what they change is to make the time to standy much shorter than the old firmware  ....tricky..

 u can contact SE service centre in oxford as long as it's under 1 year warranty

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