How to get the MMS / WAP / Email settings after debrand

How can I get the  WAP / MMS / GPRS / Email settings after the debranding ?

After debranding, all customized WAP / MMS / GPRS settings are erased, the easiest way to get the settings is to call the operator. They can send you the settings by SMS, so once you receive the settings by sms, you choose "Install" and the setting will be installed back to phone.

Or Sony Ericsson,

(a) You can go to support section of Sony ericsson web site

Here is the link

Choose the phone model, (we use Sony ericsson W800i as an example)

It should bring you to this screen. You can choose to set up WAP, Email or MMS..


  • Choose the Phone Model - Then Click "Submit"
  • Choose the Country - Then Click "Submit"
  • Choose the network- Then Click "Submit"
  • Choose data connection type - GPRS - Then Click Submit
  • Security Measure - Type in the "Number" shown on the picture
  • Type in your mobile phone number

Settings will be sent to you by SMS in a minute

for THREE UK, you may also try this link


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