How to enter 3g dongle / modem unlock code

How to input the unlock code we gave you ?

After you put the sim card from another network, if the unlock code screen doesn't pop up on the computer screen as the branded dongle blocks the unlock code entering function

There are two things you can do

1) Download and install original connection software

- Huwaei Mobile Partner Software

After you open the connection manager with different sim card, a screen will pop up and ask for the unlock code


Input the new network settings

After you unlock your modem, next thing you should do is to input the NEW connection settings from another network provider. You have to use the new connection manager software (Mobile Partner)

- Huwaei Mobile Partner Software

I got the settings from some of the UK networks, I will update the list if I find more details.

(1) O2 UK - what I am using now

Create a new profile (say O2 UK)

Access No. = *99#
User name = leave blank
Password = leave blank

set the new profile O2 UK as default

(2) 3 UK - thx Pav for the information

APN = Static
APN = 3internet
Access No. = *99# or *99***1#
User name = leave blank
Password = leave blank

Home page in IE is set to or your my 3 top up page.

(3) ASDA - thx Pav for the information

APN = Static
Access No. = *99# or *99***1#
User name = web
Password = web

(4) Contact your new service provider and ask them to send you the new WAP (internet) settings via SMS



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