How to check the software version OR simlock status on Sony Ericsson phone?

How do I check which software version / lock status of my phone ?

step 1: turn on the phone (with /without sim)

step 2: Go to the main screen (not in menu)

step 3: Press > * < < * < * where '<' means push the joystick / nav to the "left"  & ' * ' means the star key on the keypad under number 7

step 4: if you do it correctly, it shall pop up a screen with a list of like service info, service test etc

step 5: if you like to see software version ->

choose service info -> software info

step 5a: if you like to see sim lock status (to check if the phone is locked to the network of not) -> choose "sim lock" -> you will see 4 or 5 lockpad with name "network, network subset etc". If either one of the is closed padlock, it means the phone is locked. On the other hand, if the padlocks are OPENED, it means phone is unlocked



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