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How do I report spam text messages?

Huawei U8110 Hard Reset

Huawei U8110 Hard Reset

Press and hold these 2 buttons "Call & Volume Up" and while you are holding them,  

Press Power Button,

It will get you to the System Menu.

Use the Navigate Button to Select "wipe data/factory reset"

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Software Bug on Android 2.3.3 & 2.3.4 unofficial release

There are some unoffical gingerbead (android 2.3.3 & 2.3.4) firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) leaked out and available on internet. I tried those firmware on a samsung galaxy ace which used to run on Android 2.2. I discovered there is a major WIFI bug on both 2.3.3 & 2.3.4.

O2 I9000 can't connect to O2


staying overnight for a HTC Desire HD (aria)

It was quite a day to work for nearly 15 hrs straight for two phones unlock, debrand & language change.

Samsung I5700 lock pattern reset

Today, I receive a T-mobile UK samsung I5700 which the customer got it as a company phone from a guy who left the company in a bad term. The phone has a lock pattern and he bascially can't use the phone. At the beginning, I thought it's an easy task by just doing doing a hard reset, but it's NOT. I have done a factory reset in the service mode. The lock pattern is still here. Then in the end, I have to take out the whole software and reinstall the phone software (ie to flash it!).

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